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100% opportunity on black bear hunts last 5 years!

We are looking for small groups of hunters and fishermen to hunt and fish on over 320,000 acres of some of the best habitat and water at Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. Give Glen Hill a call to put together your trip of a lifetime! Phone 1-866-486-8727 or email


Migratory Bird: Thousands of Ducks and Geese

For years, our clients have been asking us for a good quality Saskatchewan bird hunt. The challenge has always been securing hunting areas within a strong fly-way with minimal driving time between our base camp and the hunting areas.

After many years of research, we are glad to report that we have secured such an area, and can now offer you quality bird hunts in a region south of Saskatoon which includes all 4 major fly-ways:

- The Pacific fly-way
- The Central fly-way
- The Mississippi fly-way
- The Atlantic fly-way

All of our packages are 3 day hunts: Monday - Wednesday or Wednesday - Friday.  We supply all transportation while hunting, well stocked decoy trailers and pop-up blinds. We have full time bird spotters to locate our birds and we maintain radio communication with all our staff in the field at all times. We include 20 bird preparations per hunter with our package. Not included is your hunting license, tax, bird preparation over 20 birds, and airfare.

Expect to be up by 3 or 4 a.m. on our goose hunts. We have over 2500 sq. miles of  privately owned bird hunting land South of Saskatoon.  Our hunting area holds one of the highest concentrations of snow geese in the world. Operating from motels, we can keep close to the birds all season long.

What more can we say about our Geese and Duck hunts? BRING LOTS OF SHELLS!




Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada