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100% opportunity on black bear hunts last 5 years!

We are looking for small groups of hunters and fishermen to hunt and fish on over 320,000 acres of some of the best habitat and water at Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. Give Glen Hill a call to put together your trip of a lifetime! Phone 1-866-486-8727 or email


Trophy Deer - F.A.Q.

What other options are available with the deer hunt?
You can add upland birds to your deer package.

Can non-hunters accompany a hunter to the site?
Yes, they are welcome! (E.g. a spouse or companion - a modest charge applies) There is lots they can do as well: enjoy nature, bird watching, painting, sketching, photography, fishing, botanical surveys, star gazing, etc.

How many hunters can you accommodate at any one time?
We can accommodate up to 6-10 hunters at one time.

Do we need any special outer clothing while hunting?
Yes, all rifle hunters need to have 50% cover either orange or white jacket with sleeves.

If I can't find these coveralls, can I get them from the Outfitter?
Yes, if you let the office know well in advance of your hunt. Also, all hunters must provide a warm 100% orange hat.

If we harvest our animal early, can we go home?
Yes, we will take you back to Saskatoon. (Extra charge applies)  However, you are welcome to stay with us and enjoy your experience.

Do you have to be in good shape to do your hunt?
No. The maximum walk to a tree stand is about 25 minutes.

What type of terrain do you hunt in?
Mostly flat land with mixed deciduous/conifer forest, thick under brush, and muskeg.

Does a hunter have a good chance at a nice buck at your camp?
Yes, every year we harvest some real dandies!

What have been the largest animals taken at your camp?
Largest whitetails: Rifle- 214 6/8, 213 4/8 NT, 188 Typical 184 Typical176 Typical 174 Typical 173 Typical 172 Typical 170 Typical
Bow- Largest 154 typical 158 nontypical

What is the average weight of a deer at your camp?
Whitetail 175-225 lbs. with many over 250 lbs. Largest to date: 335 lbs.

How far is the average shot for whitetail?
Bow: 15 to35 yards
Rifle: whitetail 35-150 yards

What days of the week can we hunt?
Monday to Saturday (1/2 day)

Are hand guns allowed in Saskatchewan for hunting?
No, hand guns are prohibited in Canada.

What is your guide to hunter ratio?
Usually 2-3 hunters per guide.

How does communication occur in the field?
By two-way radio.

What do hunters need to bring with them?
We provide a list for our hunters when they book with us.

What is not included in the hunt package?
Not included in your hunt package are your hunting license, fishing license, gratuities, Saskatoon accommodations, airfare, taxidermy and local taxes.

What book can we read to get more information on hunting whitetail?
Deer Talk by Don Laubach & Mark Henckel Skyhouse Publisher - 1992



Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada