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We are looking for small groups of hunters and fishermen to hunt and fish on over 320,000 acres of some of the best habitat and water at Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. Give Glen Hill a call to put together your trip of a lifetime! Phone 1-866-486-8727 or email


Your Host

Glen Hill has been guiding since 1975 and outfitting in the Tobin Lake area since 1985. He has been an outdoorsman since a youngster and loves the outdoors and all it offers! He has a strong desire to provide top quality experiences for his clients and he and his professional staff can show you the best locations in the area for wildlife! If you have any questions while staying at the lodge, please feel free to talk to him!

Glen is licensed and approved by the Saskatchewan Government and the Saskatchewan Outfitters Association. He operates approx. 1000 sq. miles of outfitting area - a huge area with lots of wildlife potential!


General F.A.Q.'s

Where is the Lodge located?
Our lodge is located on Tobin Lake in east-central Saskatchewan, Canada. Our lake is unique because it is a human-made lake in that was formed when the E.B. Campbell Dam was built. The lake is located east of the convergence of the North and South Saskatchewan Rivers and has a great diversity of wildlife. In the summer, thousands of Cormorants and hundreds of White Pelicans fly up and down the lake each day.

What is the terrain like?
The Tobin Lake area has a mixed deciduous/conifer forest with small openings ideal for many types of wildlife. It is mostly flat with some rolling hills located within the picturesque Canadian Shield. Thick underbrush provides good cover for wildlife and pockets of muskeg can be found.

What is the weather like during each season?
In the fall, temperatures vary considerably as the season changes. Days can be warm and nights quite chilly. (minus 15 degrees F to 45 degrees F).

In mid-winter, thick ice with a blanket of snow covers the lake and surrounding trees, and the sun shines brightly, glinting off the snow. Temperature ranges of minus 20 F to minus 30 F are common.

Spring arrives by late April and with it, the air warms to 60 F or more in the daytime and all signs of snow are usually gone.

Summer temperatures commonly range from daytime highs of 75 degrees F to night-time lows of 65 degrees F. Quick heavy rainstorms leave the forest refreshed between long sunny dry spells.

What do I have to bring?
You will be provided with a list of what you will need when your space has been confirmed.

What kinds of wildlife can we expect to see during our visit?
Big game such as Black Bear, Whitetail Deer, Elk, Moose, Timber Wolf, Coyote, Red Fox

Fish: Walleye, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Whitefish, Lake Sturgeon

Birds: Bald Eagle, Osprey, several types of Owls, White Pelicans, Common Loon, Cormorants, Spruce Grouse, Ruffed Grouse, Pheasant, Swallows, Hummingbirds

Small mammals: Red Squirrel, Woodchuck, Mink, Fisher, Weasel, Martin, Beaver, Muskrat

Plants: Tiger Lily, Wild Strawberry, Jack Pine, Spruce, Trembling Aspen (Poplar)

Do you mostly have new clients or repeat clients at your site?
We have many repeat clients because they like their success rate, the quality service they receive, the accommodations, and the experiences we offer!

Is there a phone on site?
We have a Cellular phone at the lodge but it is not available except late evening.

Can we smoke or chew tobacco?
Smoking and tobacco chewing is permitted outside the lodge only. However, there is a smoker's shack just outside the lodge.

How much of a deposit is needed to hold a spot?
50% of the total cost.

How far in advance should we book?
Most of our clients are booked more than 6 months in advance to guarantee their choice of the best spots. Contact us as soon as you know the number in your party and the dates you would like.

Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, we offer a discount for groups of six or more when you book a complete fishing package at the same time. Contact us for details.

What type of identification should we bring with us to Canada?
A passport is now mandatory to fly into Canada from the United States.

Should we bring extra footwear?
You will need one (or more) set of shoes for outside and one set for inside to keep our hardwood floors in the dining room unscratched.

How do you deal with litter?
Garbage cans are provided in and around the lodge. Please bring all garbage back to the lodge so we keep our lake and area beautiful for everyone to enjoy.

What is the fly-in access like?
The nearby Nipawin Airport has two runways - the northeast/southwest paved runway is 902 meters (2,960 feet) and the northwest/southeast runway is turf and is 914 meters (3,000 feet) long. There is no land problem to extend either of these runways 91 meters (300 feet). An asphalt taxiway was put in place in 1981 to provide access to active runways. A non-directional beacon, 402 kHz, is operational at the airport and has a radius of 90 km (50 miles). Unicom frequency is 122.8. Local taxi service is available by calling 306-862-4445.



Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada