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100% opportunity on black bear hunts last 5 years!

We are looking for small groups of hunters and fishermen to hunt and fish on over 320,000 acres of some of the best habitat and water at Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada. Give Glen Hill a call to put together your trip of a lifetime! Phone 1-866-486-8727 or email



Please take a look at some videos from our guests... then make up your mind about our hunts. Here is what our guests have to say about our Hunting and Fishing:

Whitetail Deer video and testimonials:

Whitetail Video 1 (1:05)
Whitetail Video 2 (1:53)
Whitetail Video 3 (1:31)
Whitetail Video 4 (3:13)
Whitetail Video 5 (0:38)

Black Bear video and testimonials:

Black Bear Video 1 (1:57)
Black Bear Video 2 (1:47)
Black Bear Video 3 (1:32)
Black Bear Video 4 (1:21)

Black Bear Video (YouTube)

Goose video and testimonials:

Goose Video 1 (1:26)
Goose Video 2 (0:27)


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Tobin Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada